Products and Equipment

Products and Equipment

What is what?

The only thing many pool owners care about is that their pool is clean and ready to go when it’s time to dive in. But there is lot of componentry involved that make your pool work. If you’re not sure what each piece of equipment does and how it works to maintain a balanced and clean pool, go to our myPool page.


Each pool has a different size and volume and will require specific components that are set to complement each other based on these differences. Do NOT choose a product based on the cheapest price or what your neighbor has because if it’s not compatible it WILL CAUSE PROBLEMS.

If you’re not completely sure, you will need an expert to ensure that your product is compatible with your existing equipment and the size and volume of your pool. Imagine putting a small piston engine into a Boeing 767 and expecting it to run. It’s just not going to. So rather than making the mistake which will cost you money and reward you with headaches, make sure you know what you need and that it’s installed by someone qualified to do so.