Pool Repairs in Melbourne

Is the pool pump not running effectively? Is the water greener than usual? Bring a water sample to our Moorabbin store today. Or let us come out to you. With years of experience maintaining pools, we have come across all forms of faulty products, improper installations and leaking pools. If you believe something is wrong with your pool, contact the preferred pool repair professionals in Melbourne. We can recommend expert swimming pool leak detection, provide comprehensive pool repairs and high-quality installations.

It is sometimes difficult to navigate what product is right for your pool. And when you find what you’re looking for, installing it yourself could very well void the warranty. Pro Pool Services can help with finding the right product for your pool and provide certified installation.

Pro Pools quality Installation

As qualified installers, we can find exactly what you need and install it in timely fashion, at an affordable price -with a 12 month warranty. Our expert knowledge of pool products can help to finds you the most efficient and effective pool products to match the size, volume and requirements of your pool. We cater to Melbourne and can supply and install a host of products, including:

  • filters
  • chlorinators
  • pumps
  • cleaners
  • pool blankets
  • solar and gas heaters
  • pool lights

From Pool care to Pool Repairs

We understand that a broken pool pump can drastically impact your day to day swimming. That’s why we offer our regular maintenance clients a loan pump, whenever their pump needs to be repaired or replaced (Service subject to type and availability). What’s more, we offer competitive prices, and practical long-term solutions so you can keep on swimming all year round.

Pool Products purchased online and Pro Pool Services

Pro Pool Services can assess your pool and source brand new parts at competitive prices. In some cases we might even be able to repair your current pool product, saving you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars. Come into our Moorabbin store, at 9 Chapel Road, Moorabbin or call us today on (03) 9191 6641. We can help you find the right solution for your pool.

Quality Pool Products

Should your pool products need replacing, we only source products we know is best value for money and performance quality for long term use. With a thorough assessment, we can identify exactly what your pool requires, source the product and install it.

It’s the reason we have such high customer retention. Our ability to be forthright, and to cover all the needs of the swimming pool makes us masters of keeping the pool clean, running and ready for anything from the cannonball to the masterful dive.

DIY Installation

Should you choose to install a product by yourself, please be sure to read the warranty information. Many pool products are only covered by warranty if the item is installed by a manufacturer’s certified installer. Should anything go wrong during the installation process, the inability to have that item refunded can be quite costly. Let Pro Pool Services assess your pool, and save yourself from the financial deep end.

Call Pro Pool Services for total Pool repairs and installation in Melbourne